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Understanding and Combatting Frontrunning in DeFi

Introduction In traditional finance (TradFi), frontrunning involves brokers exploiting upcoming trades based on prior knowledge. This practice, while old in stock markets, takes a more complex form in decentralized finance (DeFi) due to the public nature of blockchain transactions. Platforms like Robinhood have been criticized for similar practices by selling customer transaction data to brokers […]

Exploring VAI Arbitrage Strategies in Venus Protocol

Introduction The decentralized finance (DeFi) space, especially on platforms like Venus Protocol, is ripe with opportunities for savvy traders. One such opportunity is arbitrage involving VAI, the stablecoin of the Venus Protocol. This article will explore the mechanics of VAI, its relationship with the Peg Stability Module (PSM), and how these elements create arbitrage opportunities. […]

Newsletter – November 2023

Hello, Venus Community! In this newsletter, we’ll highlight the rapidly growing facets of our protocol, along with recent partnerships with notable projects. Additionally, we’ll share updates on community news and important events. Keep reading to discover all this and more! Featured News The wait is finally over! After undergoing meticulous assessments, the eagerly awaited launch […]

VIP-210 Venus Prime: deployment stage 5/5

LINK Summary If passed, this VIP will resume Prime contract, allowing Prime holders to claim their rewards. It will also upgrade the Prime contract, to improve the traceability of interactions with the contract, emitting more events. Description This VIP is the fifth (and last) one on the deployment plan of Venus Prime. Check the updated Venus […]

VIP-209 Add forced liquidations for individual accounts into the Core pool

LINK Summary If passed, this VIP will upgrade the implementation of the Comptroller contract of the Core pool, including the feature “forced liquidations for individual accounts”, as an extension of the feature included in VIP-172. Description This VIP upgrades the implementation of the Comptroller contract in the core pool, including the feature “forced liquidations for individual […]

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