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Venus Launches Prime Boost on Ethereum

Venus Protocol, the leading decentralized money market protocol, today announces the highly anticipated Venus Prime Boost on the Ethereum Mainnet. This expansion marks a significant milestone in Venus’s journey to bring its innovative lending and borrowing services to the heart of the DeFi ecosystem. Venus: Your Gateway to Decentralized Finance For those unfamiliar, Venus is […]

Optimize risk and monitor your positions health on Venus with CryptoNotifyCentral

Introduction Vanguard Vantage is excited to announce its new agreement with CryptoNotifyCentral. This collaboration will allow the Venus Community to use the DeFiNotifyBot for 24/7 real-time notifications on Telegram to constantly be informed of their leveraged positions on Venus. This feature is designed to help users avoid over-leveraged positions that might lead to liquidation if […]

Venus Protocol Expands RedStone Oracles Integration

Introduction In the dynamic world of DeFi, reliable price feeds are pivotal for the secure and effective functioning of protocols like Venus. The platform has expanded its integration with RedStone Oracles, marking a significant enhancement in ensuring the accuracy and resilience of its price feeds. The Vital Role of Accurate Price Feeds in DeFi Price […]

Understanding and Combatting Frontrunning in DeFi

Introduction In traditional finance (TradFi), frontrunning involves brokers exploiting upcoming trades based on prior knowledge. This practice, while old in stock markets, takes a more complex form in decentralized finance (DeFi) due to the public nature of blockchain transactions. Platforms like Robinhood have been criticized for similar practices by selling customer transaction data to brokers […]

Exploring VAI Arbitrage Strategies in Venus Protocol

Introduction The decentralized finance (DeFi) space, especially on platforms like Venus Protocol, is ripe with opportunities for savvy traders. One such opportunity is arbitrage involving VAI, the stablecoin of the Venus Protocol. This article will explore the mechanics of VAI, its relationship with the Peg Stability Module (PSM), and how these elements create arbitrage opportunities. […]

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