VIP-112 Risk Parameter Updates

LINK Summary TRX: Increase borrow cap to 10m tokens from 9m Increase supply cap to 12m tokens from 11m Increase CF to 0.50 from 0.475 SXP: Wait for SXP suppliers to continue unwinding their positions XVS: Continue to monitor the price of XVS CAKE: Monitor CAKE market developments Voting options Operation Comptroller._setCollateralFactor(“0xC5D3466aA484B040eE977073fcF337f2c00071c1”, 500000000000000000) Comptroller._setMarketBorrowCaps([“0xC5D3466aA484B040eE977073fcF337f2c00071c1”], [10000000000000]) […]

VIP-111 BETH Market Deprecation

LINK Summary This VIP relates to the BETH market deprecation on BNB Chain as announced earlier this week by Binance. This VIP will perform the following specific actions: **Description ** BETH Borrowers should immediately repay their BETH Loans to avoid paying more for their BETH if a liquidity shortage happens on BNB Chain. Binance is rebranding […]

VIP-107 Payment Issuance to Binance Oracle

LINK Summary This VIP will transfer the sum of 2,550.00 BUSD to Binance Cloud On Chain Technologies Limited. Background This payment is being issued against invoice #2023.A31 received on April 10th 2023 for payment of the Venus customization development work already realized by the Binance Oracle team for the integration work of various new price […]

VIP-106 Risk Parameters

LINK Description Summary This VIP will perform the following actions: TRXOLD: Reduce CF from 20% to 0%. TRX: Increase borrow cap from 8M TRX to 9M TRX, Increase supply cap from 10M TRX to 11M TRX, Increase CF to 47,5%. SXP: Reduce CF to 17.5% to 12% XVS: Decrease supply cap to 1M from 1.3M, […]

VIP-105 XVS Quarterly Buyback and Funds Allocation

LINK VIP-105 relates to the Quarterly Venus Protocol XVS Buyback & Funds allocation as indicated in our Tokenomics. Specifications The Q1 2023 total income from reserves was: $1,672,206.28 As per our Tokenomics, 20% will be sent to Binance for the buyback: $334,441.26. 80% will be sent to the protocol treasury: $1,337,765.02. The Q1 2023 total income […]

VIP-104 Risk Parameters Update

LINK Description Summary This VIP will perform the following actions: Specifications As discussed previously, Gauntlet is providing ongoing recommendations for our supported markets as well as deprecation plans for SXP and TRX (Old Market). Their latest recommendations have been published here last week and carefully reviewed by the Venus Quant team. Gauntlet has also posted recommendations on […]