VIP-208 Risk Parameters Adjustments (UNI)



This VIP will perform the following Risk Parameter actions as per Chaos Labs’ latest recommendations in this Venus community forum publication: Risk Parameter Updates 11/21/2023.

  • UNI (Core pool)
    • Increase supply cap from 50,000 UNI to 100,000 UNI
    • Increase borrow cap from 30,000 UNI to 50,000 UNI

Complete analysis and details of these recommendations are available in the above publication.

VIP simulation:

Voting options

  • For – I agree that Venus Protocol should proceed with this proposal
  • Against – I do not think that Venus Protocol should proceed with this proposal
  • Abstain – I am indifferent to whether Venus Protocol proceeds or not


LegacyPoolComptroller._setMarketSupplyCaps([“0x27FF564707786720C71A2e5c1490A63266683612”], [1e+23])

LegacyPoolComptroller._setMarketBorrowCaps([“0x27FF564707786720C71A2e5c1490A63266683612”], [5e+22])

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