VIP-204 Repay BUSD debt on behalf borrower



This VIP will perform the following action:


Since 2023, Venus has been accumulating reserves in its risk fund totaling an estimated $6,851,872 USD. This value is calculated based on token prices for Nov 15, 2023.

If approved, this proposal will use 6,400,762.2181 BUSD worth of that fund to continue repayment of insolvent accounts.


Voting options

  • For – I agree that Venus Protocol should proceed with this proposal
  • Against – I do not think that Venus Protocol should proceed with this proposal
  • Abstain – I am indifferent to whether Venus Protocol proceeds or not


0xF322942f644A996A617BD29c16bd7d231d9F35E9.withdrawTreasuryBEP20(“0xe9e7CEA3DedcA5984780Bafc599bD69ADd087D56”, 6.4007622181e+24, “0x939bD8d64c0A9583A7Dcea9933f7b21697ab6396”)

BUSD.approve(“0x95c78222B3D6e262426483D42CfA53685A67Ab9D”, 6.4007622181e+24)

vBUSD.repayBorrowBehalf(“0x8d655AAAA0ec224b17972df385e25325b9103332”, 6.4007622181e+24)

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